Unauthorised Discount Codes Railcard

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Hi Affiliates,

It has come to our attention that several publishers are promoting and driving sales from unauthorised Discount Codes for Railcard (6235). In alignment with the programme Terms and Conditions, these transactions will be declined.

Please note, there are currently no live public codes available for affiliate use.  If you are currently promoting a Railcard discount code that was not privately arranged with our Account Manager we ask that it is removed immediately.

If you would like to work with Railcard on an exclusive offer please do get in contact.

A reminder of the brand Terms and Conditions are as follows,

Affiliates should only use voucher codes published via the Awin interface. Promoting codes that are not listed on the platform may result in commissions being declined or possible suspension from the programme.

Promotion on non-existing codes or voucher codes not published via the platform is strictly forbidden and the commission will be declined.

Cashback is not available alongside a Discount Code.  Cashback publishers will not be awarded commission if a Discount Code was redeemed within the customer's purchase.

Affiliates must adhere to the IAB guidelines by making sure that you only offer voucher codes that are valid and true.

You can find a copy of the IAB Voucher Code of Conduct here:


If any affiliates are in breach of the terms and conditions or misrepresent the brand in any way you will be removed from the program.

Happy Promoting!
The Railcard Affiliate Team