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Social media is such a big part of everyone’s life now that even fashion designers are making a point to add them as part of their Runway pre-show video.


Yep that's right Kenneth Cole, a pretty high end designer got two celebrities to take part in what can only be described as an outright twitter war, if you’ve not watched it already, why not take a look. We guarantee that you’ll find it entertaining or at the very least it’ll make you think…


Following that video we decided that 2014 has had quite a few memorable moments so we’re going to take you through our top 5 social flashbacks.

Number 1 most definitely has to be the Snapchat leak, right at the beginning 2014, not only were we hit with Icloudgate but it was quickly followed with username, passwords and image leaks from Snapchat. Just goes to show technology is a long way off from taking over the world!!!


At number 2 we have the real picture that broke twitter, yep that's right it's the famous Ellen selfie, who knew it was going to be so big… well maybe it wasn’t too unexpected what with all the famous faces in there, its now the most shared tweet of all times apparently.

At number 3 we have the release of the iphone 6, who could possibly forget the poor Aussie kid who dropped the first phone on national television, do you think his mates have let him forget it yet?

At number 4 we have the most expensive potato salad of all time, yep the lovely bowl of potato salad shown underneath was sold for a staggering $70, 000.

The project started as a campaign for Kickstarter, a great crowdfunded project helping to bring creative projects to life. Zack (the creator of the potato salad) really didn’t think it was going to be this big but then again neither did we, who knows what the criteria for something going viral is…if you do, why not let us know!

And finally at number 5 we don’t want to say too much but I think this picture kind of sums up how we feel…


2014 Also saw another huge social anniversary, its been a whole 10 years since Facebook has been released, where has the time gone.

We thought we might honour the special date by giving you a few short facts like…


Did you know?

Since last checked Facebook has over 1.35 billion users.

24 million British people log into Facebook every single day.

The most viewed page in the UK is Family guy with approximately 380, 870, 942 likes.

At last count Facebook has over 6,337 employees, 13 offices in the US and 24 worldwide.


So to wrap this all up the whole point is that social media sites are a huge part of our daily lives, there’s so much going on in the world around us its hard to keep track with what’s important and what’s not. So why not keep on top of our daily news, who knows you might have missed something great already…

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