Affiliate Window: Creatives Update for Pabo UK

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Affiliate Newsletter 27th January 2012

Dear Affiliates,

Please take a moment to check out the latest news for Pabo creatives:


Alternative Site Version

You now have the opportunity to direct your customers to one of two versions of using the same banners.  You will see that each banner size (e.g. 250x250) will have two folders on the Banners & Links page - one will be listed as ‘REGULAR SITE’ and the other as ‘SAFE SITE’.

Here is a list of departments for both site versions:

Regular site: Lingerie, Fashion, Health & Beauty (inc. Sexual Health), Home & Living, Electronics, Sex Toys, Fetish,Gay Shop

Safe site: Lingerie, Fashion

Please ensure you are using the relevant banner version for your customer base.

Some banners which relate to products in a specific department (e.g. Sex Toys) may only link to one variation of the site.


New Valentine’s Banners

We have uploaded a set of Valentine’s Day themed banners to the Affiliate Window interface for you.  You will see that they have a great look, and have been created from our own in-house photo shoots.  Each set has been created with links to the 'Regular' site and the 'Safe' site, and these are in separate folders as discussed above.


Banner Archiving/Removal

During February, we will be uploading plenty more updated banners to the Affiliate Window interface.  During the same period, we will be deleting some old banners and moving others to archive folders.

Of course, we will send you updates to let you know when new banner sets have been uploaded.  Please let us know if there are any banners you want us to keep or reinstate!


If you have any feedback regarding the updated banners, please contact us at

Best regards,
Pabo UK Affiliate Team