Tesco Groceries Weekly Offers Update

Written by Charlotte.Fleckney on . Posted in Offers/Promotions



Top Offers This Week

NEW 15 pounds 1L Spirits
Save on 1L spirits including; Gordons Original Dry London Gin, Smirnoff Vodka, Bells Original Whisky and Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Gold down to 15 pounds. Landing page found here 

NEW 3 for 2 Sweet Tubes 
Ahead of Halloween, customers can get favourite sweet tubes including; Rowntrees Fruit Pastills, Nestle Milky Bar Buttons, Nestle Smarties and Nestle Munchies. Landing page found here 

79p Veg
Curly Kale and Jacket Potatoes both 79p down from £1! Landing page found here 

Roast In a Bag Chicken
Roast dinner made easy and save 1 pound on roast in a bag chicken. Landing page found here