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Are you set for another warm weekend coming up?  Get the most out of the fine british weather and indulge in some of your favourite Summer hobbies.  A subscription from Great Magazines is the perfect way  to reignite you passion this Summer.

Today's Golfer
12 Taylormade's Project (a) Balls (deals start from just £29.99)

Today's Golfer's mission is to help you play better, buy better and choose where to play better. The Today's Golfer magazine team wants to give you the tools to lower your scores, whether that means giving you the best golf instruction, pointing you in the direction of the best golf equipment, or making sure you're playing the right golf courses.

Today's Golfer Print + 


Practical Photography
+ Manfrotto monopod and Lowepro bag woth £111 (
Deals start from just £29)

Practical Photography magazine is the perfect read for anyone wanting to get more from their DSLR, CSC or compact camera. It teaches you all the camera skills you need, inspires creativity, and keeps you informed of the latest photo gear launches. It’s ideal for anyone who is passionate about taking better photographs.

Practical Photography Print + 


Vango rucksack and headtorch worth £35 (deals start from just £52)

Trail magazine is your inspirational walking guide - full of routes, advice and reviews. Trail magazine brings the Spirit of Adventure to your home - bringing you everything you need to get out there; the routes, the gear and the advice. If you want to enjoy the mountains and hills it's easier than you think and we bring it to you every month.

Trail Print + //www.greatmagazines.co.uk/imgs/offers/trail-251.jpg


Your Horse
Hyshine Complete Pro Grooming kit worth £39 (deals start from just £45)

Your Horse magazine celebrates everything about why we keep, ride and enjoy horses. It provides a community for horse riders to be involved in and offers inspiration and practical advice. We help readers improve their riding, care for their horses, keep up to date and encourage them to try new things with their horse.

Your Horse Print +  //www.greatmagazines.co.uk/imgs/offers/HyShine Grooming Kit Picture.JPG


Bird Watching
Healthy Back Bag worth £59 (deals start from just £47)

Bird Watching magazine is dedicated to bringing you everything you need for a perfect month of bird watching. We’ll inspire you with brilliant photography, exciting locations, expert product tests, informative identification guides and all the latest bird sightings. Just add binoculars for your ultimate bird watching experience.

Bird Watching Print +  


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