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Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are considered as evergreen denims that are found in every man’s wardrobe for sure!!! Blue jeans for men can go perfectly with any of outfit. You can team up the blue denim with any color tops. It can also be worn during your office hours, parties or even more formal functions. In a nutshell, “blue jeans are perfect for any occasion”.

2. Hoodie Sweatshirt


The sweatshirt’s usefulness has formed growing requirement for all types of men’s sweatshirts. The hoodie offers men with all of the elements such as a pullover, along with the extra feature of hood. Traditionally men wore hoodies to exercises in colder climates, as the hood shield the sensitive areas above the shoulders., however it has now moved on to become a fashion statement, it has also started replacing the jacket and is the signature addition for any casual outfit.

3. Comfy Joggers


There are various ways of wearing joggers such as choosing bright colors and teaming it up with some matching shirts or t-shirts. Make sure to wear your joggers with a little care so you don’t look like a fashion disaster.

4. Summer Shorts

Shorts (White)

Summer ahhhh!!! When this season arrives, almost everyone asks one question,” What to wear”? Summer shorts will solve your mystery about what to wear during summers. This attire is worn for casual days out and they also get rid of the overbearing heat during summers. Summer shorts can be worn when you go out for walks, to play your cricket or even when just hanging out with your friends.

5. Jacket


Jacket is the other evergreen outfit besides denims. While, jackets for men have a large range of varieties from color, materials and size. Even, they can be paired up easily with any type of outfit.

6. Polo Shirt


Same as any other type of outfit. Men’s Polo shirts also need to take care such as color, size, etc. But, one important thing that is considered is selecting the correct size for your polo shirt. If you wear a loose fitting Polo shirt, then you might kill the allure of the design.

7. Tapered Fit Jeans

Tapered Fit Jeans

Jeans has so many different varieties that it can make your head spin but one great fit are the tapered. When you go out to buy tapered fit jeans, you have to be aware of the basic features such as how that will enhance your look, as well as the different varieties of Jeans with the customizable stylish additions!

8. A Casual Blazer

Blazer (Next)

A good Blazer can really make you look distinguishes. Wearing a casual blazer for some party or function can really enhance your look. While this will be a great fashion accessory it can regularly refresh your outfits and add new style into your wardrobe. This blazer from Next costs £170.

9. A Formal Black Suit

Suit (House of Fraser)

Formal black suits are usually worn during professional meetings and conferences. But, one thing that is needed to be considered is the size and material that is used. The cut and fit of the suit can either make you stand out or blend in with the crowd. This formal black suit is from House of Fraser and costs £140.

10. Chinos


Chinos is basically coined by china. And it means varieties of colors. Chinos for men, means jeans that is available in the market in different bright colors, that obviously adds a great value to your fashion quotient.

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